Thursday, January 21, 2010

Peek - Virtual Shipbroker Estimation Software Final Product.

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Here are the dry cargo voyage estimation examples that are in the tutorial

1. Handymax coal Indonesia to china
2. Handymax coal Australia to India
3. Handymax cement South East Asia to Europe
4. Handymax parcels from Black Sea to Far East
5. Panamax coal Australia to India
6. Panamax Iron Ore India to China
7. Panamax Coal USEC to Europe
8. Supramax grain USG to Japan
9. Handysize grain River Plate to Europe

Each example involves a background fictional story to help put the calculation in perspective and allow the user to see how different people run different calculations.

Its like riding a bike. Can take you a little while to get your balance but once up - there is no turning back!


(BTW, once purchased I am available to the user at anytime to help with any complicated scenarios)


  1. Hi,

    Simple and efficient looking
    Did you have trials?


  2. Hello Angga

    Yes i have had trials. i have done over 30 calculations. I have also had two others mess around with it.

    All feedback welcome once you have bought it. I will be able to rectify any glitches very quickly should there be a problem.

  3. Looking nice indeed. Do I understand well that you can bring down top right hand menu with one of several pre-defined routes which then inserts set data (standard vsl type/distance nm/port da etc. )

    Can you then take it a step further and create your own predefined routes ?

    Last but least when is d-day ?

  4. Hi Gary

    The software will come blank BUT the tutorial will contain 9 predefined calculations. You can enter as many of your own calculations as you like. It is fully functional do it yourself estimation software

    Should be next day or so. Waiting on one last thing!


  5. I should explain that the reason the snap shot contains the words '50,000 coal indo to china' is becuase in the tutorial I go through each of the nine examples incorporating screen snapshots along the way, showing users how to enter each of the examples into the software.

    The tutorial is very user friendly. If you have a colour printer it will look great!

  6. Did your software compatible in south asia use? i mean for inter island container shipping maybe?

  7. Hello Hangga

    The software is compatible with 'windows'. If you have the windows on your computer then no problem.