Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Copyright and security

There is copyright and important security measures on both the tutorial and the software. The software will require unique password verification that will allow limited users. For those wanting to add more than one user there will be an option to add additional passwords at a small cost. In the case of a security breach and software becomes unusable there will be NO refunds.



  1. Hey VS,
    I'm a shipping ehtusiast and just found your blog on the internet. Can you let us know how much is for the program and how much for your book?

    Many thanks beforehand,


  2. Hi Jebusk

    Nope Sorry!

    Only to say that their will be a substantial discount to those who have already bought one of my books.

    They will receive a private email anytime soon outlining the costs and associated discount.

    I have always had a plicy of giving followers of the blog and books cheap first up deals for new stuff.