Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More info about the voyage estimation software and tutorial

Quite a few people have asked about the chances of purchasing either the software or the tutorial as seperate items.

At this stage I will only sell them together. In truth the higher value item in my opinion is the tutorial. The software is just an added extra.

The tutorial IMO is an unbeliveable way to learn the essential skills of chartering. There is no other product quite like it. So for the tutorial alone is well worth the price.

You will learn more from the tutorial and the software than any formal shipping course (study unit) at around 1/4 of the price. Think about how much you would need to pay to study just one unit from any reputable shipping course and you will see the value. Plus if you have read any of my previous books and blog you will note that I can make difficult topics easier to understand. This is not always the case. Throw in the software that will be yours forever, the ability to email me at anytime and get a guaranteed reply, - its incredible value.

Here are some of the comments sofar from a purchaser and a tester..(The testers gave me valuable feedback that I was able to incorporate into the tutorial - thank you testers - you know who you are...)


"This was fantastic journey and I am more then happy if I was able to help with my questions".

"VS, with your software, your great support over past 3-4 days I can run Voyage estimations, Isn't is phenomenal for a student with no previous experience?"

"the software is excellent. I have checked against other software we have inhouse and the results are the same"

"Thank you so so much for creating the software, for outstanding Tutorial with all its examples and important topics to learn about".
"Wow....my head is spinning". Can I use the software on more than one computer? (The answer is yes btw but with only one login)

"It's was so interesting to read the real life situation from example 2 with its Bad End. I cannot stop taking notes".
"Great example I enjoyed the part how in different situations different people use software and how Ms is getting from zero to hero. I see you are involving here Fixing machine".



Thursday, January 21, 2010

Peek - Virtual Shipbroker Estimation Software Final Product.

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Here are the dry cargo voyage estimation examples that are in the tutorial

1. Handymax coal Indonesia to china
2. Handymax coal Australia to India
3. Handymax cement South East Asia to Europe
4. Handymax parcels from Black Sea to Far East
5. Panamax coal Australia to India
6. Panamax Iron Ore India to China
7. Panamax Coal USEC to Europe
8. Supramax grain USG to Japan
9. Handysize grain River Plate to Europe

Each example involves a background fictional story to help put the calculation in perspective and allow the user to see how different people run different calculations.

Its like riding a bike. Can take you a little while to get your balance but once up - there is no turning back!


(BTW, once purchased I am available to the user at anytime to help with any complicated scenarios)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Copyright and security

There is copyright and important security measures on both the tutorial and the software. The software will require unique password verification that will allow limited users. For those wanting to add more than one user there will be an option to add additional passwords at a small cost. In the case of a security breach and software becomes unusable there will be NO refunds.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Software Computer Requirements

Read before buying

Note: Minimum System requirments;

- The software is only a small application
- Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003; Windows Server 2008; Windows Vista; Windows XP; Windows 7.

In order for the software to download on any of the above windows operating systems you need to have already on your system the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

This can take sometime to download (5-20 minutes depending on your computer) and is available for free from Microsoft at microsoft.com

Download NOW - microsoft .net framework 3.5


Monday, January 11, 2010

The VS Voyage Estimation Software and Tutorial

Suitable for

Ship Owners
Ship Operators
Freight Traders
Ship Brokers
Advanced Students and
Shipping Analysts

Fact 1: Did you know that the basics of running accurate voyage estimations have not changed at all in over 400 years!

 Fact 2:  Nor will it! There are costs and there are projected revenues. These basic variables remain unchanged.

Fact 3: All voyage estimation software available on the market is basically the SAME.
The way they differentiate themselves is as follows;

1. add-ons i.e. In built distance tables / port costs / bunker costs.

2. By integrating the voyage estimation software with other software such as in-house operations, accounting and email applications.

Important Note: For these privileges, of which I have no doubt are real and important for many people, software firms charge you a considerable amount of money.

 Not only are you up for a considerable amount of money BUT you are also locked in!

How? Why?

Virtually all of the software in the market is web based which means you have to log into the providers system in order to access your intellectual property. Nothing wrong with that in the main - but what it means in practice is that you are also locked into a long term relationship with the provider paying yearly subscriptions from now until……..well…. you are 6 feet under.

So this is where the VS Estimation pack is different.

The software looks, feels and calculates with the same accuracy and ease as its’ more expensive counterparts


1. It is a stand alone program. You buy it from VS, download it onto your computer and it is yours forever. No costly subscriptions to deal with. Carry it with you everywhere. And when your web server is down…don’t fear! This software will work. And when you internet connection is working very slowly….don’t fret! This software works at the same fast speed all the time!

Important note:

2. There are no add-ons. No distance tables, no in built ports costs etc. HOWEVER, here is the good news. 90 percent of you don’t need them! And because they are not included, the VS software is priced accordingly.

Why don’t you need them?

Port distance tables – are free on the ‘world wide web’ (check my blog). Pay thousands for the add-on or access the information for free (at almost the same speed)? Your choice!

Daily Fuel Prices: Ditto!

Port costs and restrictions – Much of the information is free on the ‘world wide web’.
The most important point is this - Even the most seasoned of voyage estimators DO NOT rely on the inbuilt port costs and port restrictions provided by the software providers. They use them merely as a guide. Why? Because there are too many variables and there is too much at risk at getting this part of a calculation wrong.

So in truth this add-on although useful is mostly a gimmick!

In the pack - I show you how the professionals get access to this information and I also show you how to run effective calculations without having all the ‘information’ at hand.

3. There is no integration with other in-house software programs. The VS Voyage Estimation Software is a stand alone application. It does not pretend to be all things to all people. Many of the well known industry software programs link the voyage estimation eventually with the operations, sales and accounting programs. This is very useful, but again only for a percentage of users.


Summary of user benefits

One time purchase - no yearly subscriptions. Save thousands of $

• Run your own voyage calculations/estimations
• Fully functional voyage calculation software
• Take just a few minutes to set up a new calculation from scratch, or change an existing one.
• Easy to use interface
• Save and retrieve upto 1,000 calculations
• Full Cargoes and up to 3 Part cargo options
• Shinc, Shex, Sshex, Satpmshex - load and discharge.
• Print summary results
• Profit and loss: Compare and contrast TC IN and Per Metric Ton values.
• All presented on one interactive screen
• Multiple passwords / users at small price

The Tutorial

What to expect

• Examples of 9 of the most common dry bulk voyage estimations.
• Complete the examples from start to finish.
• Seen from four different perspectives – The shipowner, the freight trader, the charterer and the shipbroker.
• Port costs: How to find good, accurate data without paying thousands of dollars.
• How to calculate and offer using ‘estimated port costs’
• Pro forma PORT AGENT emails (what to send to port agents in order to get all the relevant information for your voyage in question)
• Pro forma descriptions of all the major dry bulk ship types
• Vessel intake – how to work out how much your ship can load
• 2009 examples for the major canals and passage charges.

 This has been my biggest undertaking and should be available soon.

The Virtual Shipbroker