Friday, September 25, 2009

The Voyage Estimator Pack

Over the coming few weeks I will be releasing the Virtual Shipbrokers Voyage Estimation Pack.

This website, on its own, will be useful for Students and Trainees but the 'pack' will be designed more for the already established shipping professional.

At this stage (the concept is not 100 pct actualised) it looks like being a multi faceted training guide and set of tools, for brokers, charterers and freight traders looking to run voyage estimations as part of their day to day job descriptions.

For those interested in learning more you will have the opportunity to take an indepth look at the art of voyage estimation from 3 different perspectives. This will be an opportunity to look into the minds of the various people who 'use vessel estimation' as part of their every day work. Each will have a different aim and each will have a different set of stakeholders and managers they need to report to. How do I know this? - Because I have been all of the above!

With this insight there will be numerous voyage calculation examples and accompanying explanations helping to better explain all the terms and trading theories involved in dry bulk shipping.

learn about trading patters, backhaul vs front haul, Delivering a ship APS or DOP etc and how all these relate to a cargo voyages profit and loss.

And there will be a little something in the pack so that you wont have to do all the calculations freehand!

The pack, together with this website, will give anyone, anywhere, all the necessary tools to take their performance and understanding to the next level. And all without breaking the bank.
No yearly subscriptions, no holding back information and you finally you get to ask me questions anytime you want!

Should be available over the next 1 month or so.

Best Regards

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